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Cloud Benefits

By using IBM Cloud, our company was up and running in days, not months, supporting 400,000 people worldwide. IBM Cloud allowed us to focus on what we do best — design, development and innovation — while using the best technology available, such as Cloudant, DB2, Watson, Spark, Spring, Dockers, Kubernetes and more. With IBM Cloud, we spent zero time managing hardware, configuring software, updating security patches or troubleshooting server issues. We just did what we do best: wrote code.



We summarize 8 million records in as fast as six seconds or less using DB2 Warehouse on the Cloud to build our web-based reporting solution. That’s an IBM Cloud possibility we never thought of. Our customers love our lightning-fast reports.



Without having to deal with infrastructure, we were free to focus on agile development. We deliver sprints every three weeks. We deliver production-ready code at scale and speed with DevOps automation for testing, deployment and production.



With more than 35 million API calls a week, IBM Cloud scales to support fluctuating demand, making the experience better and faster. Our microservices architecture allows us to make performance decisions for each service, because each service runs in its own container.

Watson Services

Using the IBM Cloud helps us infuse production-level AI services throughout our platform, such as recommendations, tagging, and feedback classification.

IBM Cloud Kubernetes service

Our Cloud Kubernetes service gives us great scalability, availability, resiliency and performance. Several service response times are now twice as fast since moving to the IBM Cloud. We also get alerts to show us when a node might be failing and IBM Cloud does self-healing restarts before our learners and stakeholder even notice a problem.

Beyond the firewall

The IBM Cloud allowed us to expose our platform beyond the IBM firewall, paving the way for more creative uses. We now can have customers, pre-hires, business partners and clients use Your Learning in a controlled way. We’re thinking up new features every day.

Your Learning uses IBM offerings

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