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It’s personal.

Many learning recommendations are tailored for each employee - even before they search. And with just a few taps on a keyboard, they can find more learning opportunities to help them advance their skills that help grow the business.

Your Learning provides a personalized learning environment that responds quickly to each individual, thanks to IBM Cognitive, Watson services, and advanced analytics. Watson personalizes recommendations and helps experts curate content. Working 24/7, Watson is always making Your Learning smarter.

A few highlights:

Watson Tag Advisor

Curates. Assists experts with content reviews.

With more than 40 learning content sources and over 80,000 learning activities, Your Learning manages an ever-changing expanse of opportunities. Classifying content by topics helps keep activities relevant and easy to find. With some expert oversight, Watson's Natural Language Classifier analyzes each activity to identify the proper tags.

After being trained, Watson can be turned on to auto-tag, speeding curators’ efforts to find, organize and tag content. Why does this matter? With machine-based accuracy, tagging improves recommendations, browsing, search and reporting – which boosts everyone’s efficiency.

Smarter Recommendations

Personalize. Combines analytics, Watson and feedback

Much like Amazon does with its recommendations for books, movies and other goods, we create recommendations based on related activities, a learner’s history, job role and other factors. Our recommendation algorithms, along with Watson tagging, help tailor suggestions to a learner’s interests and skills. As learners respond to recommendations, the algorithms learn their likes and dislikes, and will respond with better suggestions. This ever-adaptive customization is key to accelerating the development of every employee.

Amplify Feedback

Analyze. Classify. Take action.

Thousands of feedback comments are submitted to Your Learning every week, most of them positive. But what about issues that need immediate attention? Watson has been trained to analyze all feedback, rapidly classifying topics and sentiment so that curators and support teams can promptly respond to what’s most pressing.


Ask WatsonWatson

Virtual agent. Lowers support costs and improves satisfaction.

Watson helps you find the best support.

Your Learning’s internal IBM support seeks to minimize resolution times and maximize satisfaction. Platform services such as Event Central (not yet available outside IBM), Your Learning’s Service Center and other tools connect learners with a trained Watson Assistant. They can ask Watson conversational questions and get answers instantly, anytime.

Chat Advisor

Sometimes learners need human help. Your Learning uses AI models to help categorize issues and route learners directly to a team of people with answers.

Not available commercially. Currently only available on the internal IBM Instance of Your Learning.